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A Day in the Life of a Diversified Field Manager

A Day in the Life of a Diversified Field Manager In the business of facility maintenance, a majority of tasks associated with the customer, particularly those related to quality assurance, depend on the Company’s Field Managers. They are the first on the scene in case of a problem and also act as an integral link between the customer and the company.

Diversified’s Field Managers, part of its two-tier Account Management System, are one of the first people their customers connect and establish a relationship with. Their core responsibility is to supervise cleaning and maintenance tasks and ensure that their clients’ needs are being met. But what does a Field Manager really get up to on a regular workday? Let’s find out!


A typical day for a Diversified Field Manager involves completing two shifts a day, seven days a week. Once they are at the store, one of the first tasks is to ensure that the cleaning crew is on time and that they have all the tools they need to begin working. In case the cleaning crew is unable to make an appearance, it is the job of the Field Manager to make sure that there is a back-up crew member ready to take up the responsibility. This way, the facility is provided with a service, no matter what.

Quality Assurance Audits:

The Field Manager begins his/her quality assurance audit of the site by first reviewing the notes of the last visit to ensure that the tasks identified earlier have been completed. With the help of an electronic quality assurance app installed on their iPads, the Field Manager scans the facility with the Site Manager and reviews all KPI’s. These quality assurance reports are geo-stamped and include pictures as well as notes from the Facility Manager.

Conduct Ongoing Training:

As Field Manager, one of their responsibilities involves identifying gaps in service delivery and providing the necessary training to counter it. In addition to providing training on-the-go, the Field Manager also takes out the time to ensure all chemicals and supplies are stocked, the equipment is in good condition and the janitorial closet has all the required materials.

Final Review:

One of the final tasks performed by the Field Manager for the day is yet another review, this time of the service performance as well as other details related to the job such as whether safety parameters are being met, whether there is a need for additional hires as well as the need for replenishing the supplies’inventory. The Field Manager makes all the necessary arrangements for possible interviews in the coming week in order to ensure there is no delay in the smooth delivery of service.

And finally, before our Field Manager can hang his coat and check out for the day, he/she performs once last review of the notes before checking their emails and responding to any work orders that may arise for the coming week. Once that is done, they can call it a day, that is, until the next day, when they have to do it all over again!