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3 Focus Areas in the Facility Maintenance Industry

According to a report published by Cognizant, a leading consultancy company, the combined energy costs for nearly six million commercial buildings and industrial facilities is estimated at $400 billion. The average building, however, wastes 30% of the energy it consumes due to built-in inefficiencies. In addition, ongoing operating costs represent nearly 50% of a building’s total lifecycle expenses over an estimated 40-year lifespan and they continue to grow at a rapid rate.

Hence, it has become important to incorporate advanced technologies that help improve efficiency and reduce costs. In the facility maintenance industry, skillful labor, quality assurance tools and real-time reports play a huge role in differentiating one company from other. Below are some of the ways in which organizations can enhance their competitiveness:

Employee Onboarding Platforms: It can be difficult to assess potential candidates with limited resources. By partnering with third-party recruitment platforms, you will be able to determine applicant quality, background checks and reduce turnover.
Quality Control: Quality assurance tools help implement effective quality control measures. Through multiple software, you can see gaps in performance and client expectations that will help you recognize problems and determine future trajectories.
Business Intelligence Tools: Business intelligence solutions help increase the operational efficiency of an organization. Through such tools, you will be able to:
oCreate detail-rich reports that provide insight into the work being performed
oTrack important metrics such as service quality, scheduling, work site compliance and budget adherence, all in real-time
oGather field data, analyze gaps and resolve issues faster
oIncrease productivity and cost-efficiency amongst your workforce

To help improve operational efficiency, Diversified Maintenance also utilizes efficient cloud-based technology platforms to streamline employee onboarding, manage workforce operations as well as scheduled orders. Third-party platforms such as, EfficientHire and Guardian by LawLogix help in performing stringent evaluations and background checks of potential candidates while other software such as Oracle, Concur, ADP and Workforce help with the day-to-day management of the organization.

In addition, Diversified’s Field Managers are equipped with iPads with ProntoForms, which are designed to conduct quality assurance audits on-site. Field Managers visit client sites on a pre-determined basis to record surveys of the work being done. The information gathered is then sent to stakeholders with attachments such as on-site photos that help present a more detailed picture of the service being delivered. Once all details and feedback have been collected, the ProntoForm is geo-stamped and electronically signed by the Facility Manager.

With the help of these measures, Diversified Maintenance has simplified its service delivery thus making it much easier to meet customer expectations on a regular basis.