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Entering a New Facilities Maintenance Contract: 5 Fundamental Factors to Consider

Contributed by Cindy Fetters, Regional Account Executive

Typically, many businesses that hired professional facilities maintenance companies focused on just basic requirements and benefits. However, the novel coronavirus pandemic has shifted the emphasis on cleaning and facilities maintenance function as it has been officially recognized as an essential service that impacts people’s safety, health, and well-being. With that said, a growing number of businesses are revisiting their criteria for entering a new contract with a facilities maintenance service provider. Similarly, the prospective service providers will be expected to do more than just perform basic cleaning services – it has become essential that the service plan is designed to create and maintain safe and healthy workplaces. Some of the most important factors that impact the efficiency, quality, and capabilities of a facilities maintenance company include:

Years of Experience – No matter how passionate a company is about delivering customer satisfaction, nothing can make up for lack of experience in the facilities maintenance industry. A significant number of businesses have experienced better service standards and performance from established service partners than the recent entrants in the industry. Another aspect of company experience is based on the types of customers and industries it has catered to. The more widespread the experience is in terms of customer types, the more success in meeting the unique requirements of each customer.

Recruitment & Selection Process – It is beneficial to work with a facilities maintenance company that evaluates the customer’s facility and creates a team that best fits the requirements. A new hire for each job assignment must also undergo background and drug screening followed by comprehensive training on job requirements and safety topics.

Operational Continuity During Pandemic – In light of the coronavirus pandemic, a new measure to gauge the service provider’s financial strength, service capabilities, and innovative practices is the company’s performance at the beginning of and during the pandemic. Companies with a dynamic response to the outbreak situation continued their operations throughout lockdown period while evolving their services continuously to meet the new research and expert guidelines.

Communication Channel – A predefined communication channel with a dedicated contact person is an effective approach for both, the service provider and their customer. A dedicated account manager is an important factor to consider for a prospective service provider so that the customer is assured all issues and concerns are directed to the same person for a prompt response and action.

Nationwide Presence – A facilities maintenance partner with nationwide presence can deliver seamless and consistent service with advanced capabilities. At the same time, customers with presence in different regions of the country can avail the services by a single vendor, making easy to communicate and manage.

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