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Professionally Cleaned Businesses Make Healthy Workplaces

Contributed by Robert Stern, National Sales Executive

The decision to partner with a professional facilities maintenance company is mostly based on the core benefits of not having to work on staff training, procuring cleaning supplies and equipment, and monitoring the staff performance to ensure necessary procedures are carried out effectively. Another added benefit of equal importance is that professionally cleaned facilities are safe and healthy workplaces. A team of professionally trained cleaners work with a strong attention to detail to ensure service delivery and quality standards are up to par.

Facilities maintenance service providers offer essential services to businesses for a wide range of cleaning, disinfecting, and maintenance requirements; all of which make it possible for the customers to maintain a healthy environment. The employees for any business spend long hours at work on a daily basis. Undoubtedly, the procedures implemented to clean and maintain the workplace impacts the wellbeing as well as the productivity of employees. Therefore, partnering with a professional facilities maintenance company is not an expense but an investment that gives great returns in terms of a productive and motivated workforce. It is even more feasible to work with a commercial cleaning and maintenance company when it has the advanced capabilities to operate as a single contractor for integrated solutions to fulfill most requirements.

  • Professionally maintained workplaces enhance employee efficiency
  • Businesses achieve a greater number of goals in a short time with increased employee productivity
  • The use of most effective and suitable products including recommended disinfectants ensure infection prevention and control
  • Frequent deep cleaning of all high traffic areas and touch points is carried out cost effectively
  • The professional cleaning crew is trained in important safety protocols and always use and dispose of PPE adequately
  • Green cleaning chemicals and disinfectants are also used that further add to the protection of employees and other visitors of the facility
  • Healthy workplaces lead to healthy employees with reduced sick leaves


Although some businesses try to achieve their cleaning goals to be achieved by an in-house team for cost saving purposes, it has been proven for many others that working with a commercial service provider delivers enhanced benefits that create a positive impact on the wellbeing and efficiency of the employees. At Diversified Maintenance, all employees undergo a standard training program as well as custom training topics to meet the unique requirements of each customer. To learn more about a tailored plan and schedule to create a healthy workplace send me a note at: Robert Stern