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Effective Strategy to Boost Job Satisfaction & Retention for Field Employees

Contributed by Mark Gilbreth, Regional Sales Executive

Partner with a Janitorial Company with Recognition and Performance Awards for its Employees

The shifting dynamics of the economy and the labor market has impacted the workforce in terms of its readiness to take up new opportunities as well as their preference toward working in companies that offer high level of job satisfaction. Additionally, job satisfaction is driven by a wide range of factors including the salary/wages, work rules, company culture, workload, work schedule, among others. Employee motivation, on the other hand, is also equally important as it lies in the efforts that the employer makes to appreciate their performance and contribution to the company. Although it is important for employees in all types of industries, employee recognition is even more significant for remote personnel on the field as well as those who work closely with the customer, such as janitorial service providers.

Every customer expects consistent cleaning and service delivery from their janitorial partner. When the service provider’s staff is frequently changing, the team formed with newly hired employees can experience inconsistency in results. Similarly, new employees require additional time for training and acclimating to the workflow. In order to avoid these setbacks, janitorial service providers must focus on maintaining low turnover.  Among other strategies, it is important that they ensure their employees motivated through different types of monetary and non-monetary incentives that recognize and reward their hard work.

It goes without saying that service excellence for janitorial companies greatly depends on the efficiency and productivity levels of their on-ground employees. A team that delivers customer satisfaction is one that is motivated to do their job, which is why a comprehensive incentive program with recognition and performance awards positively impacts service quality, attention to detail, and consistency in day-to-day operations.

Diversified Maintenance has designed a robust recognition and incentives program for high performing employees. Some of the elements in the program include Achievement Award for outstanding accomplishments, Bravo Award for working with integrity and dependability, Way to Go for receiving customer acknowledgment for outstanding service, and other performance awards. The Company’s commitment to employee engagement is highlighted by the resources invested in establishing an effective Employee Recognition Program. In 2021, Diversified handed out over $500,000 to high-performance field employees for their contributions and more than 2000 employees received recognition and performance awards for their achievements. To learn more about the impact of your janitorial partner’s employee performance recognition and incentive program on customer satisfaction, send me a note at: Mark Gilbreth