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KPIs for Janitorial Services: Assess Cleaning Performance with Quantifiable Metrics

Contributed by Darren Theodore, Regional Sales Executive

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for janitorial services include concrete data that highlights essential information on the existing standards of services delivered and how the current practices align with their objectives and customer expectations. Subsequently, janitorial service KPIs identify opportunities for improvement and come up with solutions to improve quality standards, reliability, compliance, safety, and other key areas.

“KPIs are like a roadmap that tells us if we’re on track or off-course, or if our goals are even feasible. KPIs don’t force a solution—they connect the dots between data and strategy, providing one to facilitate the other.” – SpaceIQ

When selecting a janitorial service partner, it is crucial to understand their KPIs and evaluate them on the basis of how insightful and valuable they are for monitoring daily performance in relation to customer objectives. Among numerous KPIs that facilitate improvement in janitorial operations and productivity are:

Employee Turnover

The rate of employee turnover is generally high within the janitorial industry, which is why it works as an effective KPI to highlight a firm’s effective recruitment and retention strategies. Janitorial service providers must measure employee turnover for different reasons, including the costs of frequently hiring, reduced employee morale, comparative analysis with competitors, among others.

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Every business looking for a new janitorial service partner expects the best possible experience with the services. However, it can be challenging to evaluate the possible customer experience a new partner will deliver. Through KPIs, on the other hand, it becomes possible to understand whether the service provider tracks and measures the satisfaction levels of its customers. By evaluating each customer’s experience with its service standards, janitorial firms can also promptly address potential issues, offer proactive solutions, and ensure customer satisfaction that increases customer retention and loyalty.


Safety as a KPI for janitorial services works as a metric for the efforts the firm is making toward ensuring employee and workplace health and safety. Both, occupational health and safety KPIs lead to a diligent approach toward every new project, prior to start-of-service date.

Diversified Maintenance works closely with all new and existing customers in order to understand their requirements and also provide desired information on internal practices, KPIs, scheduled assessments, and report generation. The Company’s Quality Assurance Program is based on customer KPIs, focusing on their expectations to ensure that high-quality services are being performed at the frequencies agreed upon with the customer. To learn more about the impact of KPIs on the day-to-day practices and performance standards for a janitorial service provider, send me a note at: Darren Theodore