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CIMS Certification as a Key Consideration for Selecting a Janitorial Service Provider

Contributed by Ed Turbeville, Regional Sales Executive

There has been an increased need since 2020 for running business operations in a safe manner that necessitates a wide range of cleaning and disinfecting protocols to be implemented regularly. As a result, there is a greater need for different businesses to partner with professionally certified/qualified  janitorial service providers to implement an effective, efficient, and economic cleaning program that fulfils the demanding criteria of the ‘new normal’ work world.

While every business expects a tailored plan to best satisfy its unique cleaning and maintenance requirements, not every service provider can offer the promised outcomes while maintaining the highest quality standards.  Subsequently, this is a challenges confronting many business owners to select the right janitorial partner without going through a trial and error approach with loss of time and investment resulting from every new service transition. However, other customers have discovered a meaningful solution to the challenge by assessing prospective service providers on the basis of their relevant certifications. Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) certification, for instance, offers a company-wide application for janitorial and facility maintenance companies that operate with a customer-centric philosophy, based on successful standards proposed by the worldwide cleaning association ISSA.

ISSA is the worldwide cleaning industry association that focuses on six core sections to evaluate the service provider before awarding its certifications. These include Service Delivery, Quality Systems, Human Resources, Management Commitment, Green Building, and Health, Safety, and Environmental Stewardship. A CIMS certificated janitorial company follows a comprehensive framework designed to ensure high quality and dependable services. The CIMS program assesses a variety of crucial service and operational areas including best practices, safety measures, operational standards, environmental friendly efforts, among many others. As a result, CIMS accredited janitorial partners demonstrate high levels of commitment to customer service, quality standards, and employee engagement.

As a CIMS-GB certified janitorial partner for its customers, Diversified Maintenance promotes high standards of customer service through its dedicated team for Client Relations that works closely with the customers to ensure their requirements are met consistently, effectively, and with year-on-year cost savings in the long run. Through ISSA’s stringent evaluation of its operations, the Company has demonstrated its advanced capabilities of delivering a wide range of cleaning and disinfecting services by fully understanding customer expectations, consistently delivering them, and ensuring continuous improvement. To learn more about selecting a certified janitorial partner to ensure well-structured operational practices with dedication to customer service and quality, send me a note at: Ed Turbeville