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Transition Phase for Facilities Maintenance Services with a Customer-Focused Company Culture

Contributed by Dennis Ritt, Regional Sales Executive

A service agreement with a new facilities maintenance partner is not as straightforward as signing the contract and starting service delivery the next day. Although clarity, transparency, and attention-to-detail are crucial contract elements that help ensure a smooth transition to the new partner, the service providers can only succeed at implementing the required procedures with thorough planning prior to start-of-service. By dedicating sufficient time in the start-up plan during the transition phase, a successful facilities maintenance company can ensure their on-ground personnel and management team fully understand all required functions and customer expectations.

For any business looking to partner with a competent facilities maintenance service provider, there are a wide range of criteria that must be reviewed to determine how well a service provider can meet the expectations and objectives from the program. Among these key assessment criteria is the transition phase that the service provider offers. Transition management by a facilities maintenance company clearly highlights its commitment to customer satisfaction, as well as its company culture, values, and work ethic.

The time allocated for the transition phase is paramount to the success of a seamless start-up for any new customer. Experienced service providers have a standardized transition phase, ideally with at least 30 days of planning and preparing prior to start-of-service. As a result, new customers benefit from a smooth service transition along with stringent quality assurance procedures and most effective performance standards from the first day of start-of-service at their facility. Similarly, the time allotted for transition planning also includes a detailed assessment of the scope of work and the customer facility to determine the most adequate integration of services and their frequency followed by selection, recruitment, and training processes for the on-ground staff for the program. A comprehensive transition phase before commencing service delivery for a new customer is an effective approach to lay the groundwork for a successful long-term partnership and quality standards of a new facilities maintenance program.

Diversified Maintenance designs a transition plan with a dedicated team to work at least 30 days ahead to the anticipated start-of-service contract period for every new customer. The plan is precisely structured to assure a seamless experience for customers without disruption to their operations or downtime, waste of their time and resources, service gaps in final delivery and procedures, or unfulfilled requirements. To learn more about the timeline, measures, and best practices for new service transition and its benefits, send me a note at: Dennis Ritt