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Do Cleanliness & Hygiene Practices Increase Operating Costs for Corporate Offices?

Contributed by Christopher Payne, Regional Sales Executive

Tips to Reduce the Financial Impact of the ‘New Normal’ Work World

The initial months of the COVID-19 incited panic for all types of businesses and resulted in significant financial impact on practically every U.S firm irrespective of its size and scope. As businesses have transitioned to a new phase after re-opening their doors to customers and employees, they are required to implement necessary protocols that are new for most businesses and also appear to be an additional expense in the long run. For instance, the need to ensure cleanliness and hygiene at workplaces to help reduce virus and infection transmission. As a result, enhanced hygiene practices also result in new costs for corporate offices. Some effective tips to ensure employee health and safety through maintaining a clean facility without a substantial increase in costs include:

Install Touchless Restroom Fixtures

With the growing concerns regarding hand hygiene in public places, employees at all offices are likely to require easily available and effective hygiene solutions. Traditionally, paper towels were widely used and perceived as a good hand drying solution. However, to prevent touching restroom surfaces, many individuals are using more paper towels, while others fear that stacks of folded paper towels are prone to contamination. Touchless restroom fixtures are an initial investment that will eventually reduce operating costs in the long run while enhancing workplace hygiene measures for offices.

Train the Employees

Businesses are dispersing hand sanitizer stations in several areas all across their office spaces, ensuring that indoor air quality is up to the mark, minimizing the number of employees in close proximity, and taking a variety of other essential measures. The right equipment, tools, and protocols, on the other hand, will not produce the expected outcomes if they are not used properly. Subsequently, the efforts will merely increase costs while providing no benefits to the company, its employees, and other visitors at the facility. On the other hand, proper employee training on the significance of hygiene at workplace, the right ways to use the tools provided, the new regulations and protocols to be followed will support the expenses made in introducing new tools and measures for office cleanliness and employee wellbeing.

Choose the Right Facilities Maintenance Partner

The costs of vigorous cleaning standards at higher frequency in the ‘new normal’ work environment are much higher than they used to be before the pandemic. As a result, businesses are realizing the service benefits and cost effectiveness of outsourced facilities maintenance partners. The new cleaning protocols can not only be effectively implemented by professional service providers but also mitigate the risk of exposure to harmful bacteria and virus. Simultaneously, a professional cleaning and maintenance program with custom solutions and frequency can also provide cost benefit in the long run.

Diversified Maintenance delivers tailored facilities maintenance programs for all types of corporate offices. After new and enhanced training modules for the on-ground staff, the Company is delivering high frequency advanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols for offices and corporate headquarters. To learn more about operational and cost efficiency with a tailored facilities maintenance program, send me a note at: Chris Payne