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How Choosing Effective Products & Using Them the Right Way Impacts Professional Cleaning Services

Contributed by Darren Theodore, Regional Sales Executive

Every business that outsources its cleaning and maintenance function to a professional service provider expects top-notch quality and standards. Customers expect the on-ground staff to be trained, skilled, and committed to performing their tasks the highest level of quality and safety. Subsequently, when choosing a janitorial services company for their facility, most businesses consider a variety of factors. Market reputation, years of industry experience, communication channel, contract transparency, and technological skills are some of the most widely analyzed criteria for janitorial service providers.

While a comprehensive evaluation of a janitorial service partner’s contract development and transition phases is important, it is also crucial to assess the quality, frequency, and procedures related to day-to-day tasks performed by the on-ground staff. For instance, it is important for the cleaning and maintenance program to include the range of products that will be used according to the requirements, nature of task to be performed, and compliance with new public health and safety guidelines from experts. Selecting the most appropriate and effective products also necessitates the right usage of these products to achieve the desired results. The choice of products, their right concentration, and proper application greatly impact the service quality and safety standards while providing benefits, such as:

PRODUCT EFFICACY – A well-trained and competent team ensures the optimal quantity and concentration of chemicals for different cleaning and disinfecting requirements. As a result, all types of surfaces are not only adequately cleaned but are protected from possible damage. This also mitigates the risk of spreading germs, viruses, and other infections.

INCREASED RESOURCE USAGE – Inadequate use of cleaning products does not always imply using less than recommended quantity. If the on-ground cleaning staff unnecessarily uses the cleaning and disinfecting products in excess, supplies will be wasted and the cleaning program’s cost will rise for both, the service provider and the customer.

EMPLOYEE WELLBEING – The wrong quantity or concentration of cleaning products have the risk of spreading toxic fumes, exposing building employees and occupants to several health hazards. A professional team of experts prioritize overall health and safety at the facilities they operate in, and the selection as well as the utilization of tools and products are considered an important part of maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

Diversified Maintenance is a quality-driven facilities maintenance partner focused on delivering consistent service quality, offering cost-effective solutions, and ensuring commitment to safety and sustainability. The comprehensive training program for on-ground staff emphasizes on cleaning and disinfecting surfaces right the first time to ensure adequate cleaning while allowing the team to work productively on each task and seamlessly transition to the other responsibilities. To learn more about the Company’s tailored cleaning and facilities maintenance services designed to meet each customer’s unique service, product selection, and frequency requirements, send me a note at: Darren Theodore