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Sustainability Certifications for Facilities Maintenance Companies: How They Add Value for Customers

Contributed by Rich Dacey, Client Relations Executive

“We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” -Howard Zinn (American Historian)

Sustainable businesses largely strive to operate with a minimal negative impact on the environment. But, in addition to its own internal processes and environmental initiatives, a sustainable business can also have an impact on other businesses with which it collaborates.

Many businesses are working to change their processes to produce their products and services in ways that improve their sustainability performance. However, improving internal processes must also be combined with efforts of developing sustainable supply chains and partnering with vendors and service providers that work with similar sustainable development standards and goals. As there is a growing demand for environmentally friendly business practices, which is why companies are prioritizing sustainability as an important factor for taking outsourcing decisions. For instance, a company’s facilities maintenance service partner can integrate into its sustainability initiatives by introducing environmental friendly cleaning protocols.

From a customer’s perspective, it may not be difficult to find facilities maintenance companies that claim to have a framework to offer sustainable value proposition. However, the bigger challenge is to evaluate the service providers for their actual capabilities to deliver what they promise. It is therefore helpful and critical to shortlist service providers that hold relevant sustainability certifications and ratings such as CIMS-GB and EcoVadis. Both these accreditations are evidence of the service provider’s dedication to sustainability and quality.

CIMS is a management standard by ISSA, a leading worldwide association for the cleaning industry. The certification recognizes cleaning service providers for their commitment to consistency, high quality, and customer satisfaction. CIMS-Green Building with Honors further acknowledges best practices that include focus on environmental sustainability.

EcoVadis operates an evidence-based online platform that considers various CSR issues from four key themes: ‘Environment’, ‘Labor & Human Rights’, ‘Ethics’, and ‘Sustainable Procurement’. The EcoVadis rated companies have a clear and actionable way of communicating their sustainability performance to actual and potential customers.

Facilities maintenance is a highly competitive and fast-paced industry and external initiatives, ratings, and certifications hold great significance for service providers to obtain a competitive edge and communicate their strengths and value propositions to customers. However, there is a limited number of facilities maintenance companies that hold both a CIMS-GB certification and an EcoVadis rating. Along with the effective protocols that these companies deliver, their sustainability certifications and ratings are necessary for customers that are aiming to ensure compliance to sustainability regulations and expectations.

Diversified Maintenance’s outstanding sustainability performance and commitment is demonstrated through the Company’s CIMS-GB with Honors certification and EcoVadis rating. Recognition from both renowned sources provides a benchmark highlighting key strengths, cross-organizational practices, and exemplary environmental and social performance. To learn more about the sustainability certifications and their impact on your facilities maintenance program and on your company’s sustainability performance, send me a note at: Rich Dacey: