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Data Center Cleaning & Maintenance Regime

Contributed by the Diversified Maintenance Client Relations Team

The peak efficiency and performance standards for a data center are based on various fundamentals including equipment functionality, environmental conditions, indoor air quality, cleaning protocols and schedules, among others. While each data center is unique in terms of its environmental properties and operating standards, it is important to understand that there are certain cleaning criteria that are essential for all high tech facilities. For instance, an inadequately maintained high tech facility can have dust and other contaminants accumulate over time that affect hardware performance and can lead to equipment failure. On the contrary, professionally cleaned and maintained data centers may not only prevent the harmful impact of environmental pollutants, but can also improve operational performance, employee productivity, and resource optimization.

If a data center is not cleaned and maintained properly, it results in downtime. Although downtime has a negative impact on all businesses in any industry, it is especially expensive for data centers for varying reasons including loss of potential revenue, downfall of brand credibility, business productivity coming to a halt, and loss of data. Due to its mission-critical environment, it is vital that the primary focus remains on core operations that is made possible by outsourcing the facilities maintenance function to a professional service provider. A facilities maintenance company with industry experience relevant to data centers and other high-tech facilities understands the true value of safety for data centers: the safety and security of employees, proprietary resources, high-priced equipment, and critical data.

In addition to its business expertise and experience, a partner company should be selected for its range of integrated solutions to cover cleaning and maintenance requirements all around the year. As some services may be required on a daily basis and some over a few weeks or months, data centers require a schedule with appropriate intervals and frequency while including a range of services for all exterior, interior, and indoor air cleaning needs.

A single-partner service contract with comprehensive maintenance solutions for data centers ensures elimination of hazardous contaminants that cause critical problems like overheating, corrosion, electrical faults, and so on. With a skilled and trained workforce, these professional maintenance partners produce consistent results. In short, data center efficiency and productivity is significantly influenced by the seamless delivery of cleaning and maintenance services by a professional company that delivers integrated facilities maintenance services, long-term cost savings, proactive handling of potential issues,  and safety of the personnel and overall facility.

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