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The Significance of Prioritizing Safety in Facilities Maintenance

As much as facilities maintenance is important for seamless business operations, it also plays a significant role in establishing workplace safety. In fact, facilities maintenance service providers must excel at both vital safety aspects: one is for the service provider’s own on-site crew performing the cleaning and maintenance protocols while the other is the safety for the customer’s employees and visitors at the facility. With an array of wide ranging responsibilities attaining to health and safety, facilities maintenance companies broadly focus on assessing each of the following areas:

  • Operational safety in the working environment for their on-site teams
  • Emergency response strategy for unforeseen incidents
  • Adequate methods of storing, using, and handling of hazardous chemicals
  • Comprehensive safety training program for all employees
  • Risk evaluation for all sites
  • Availability of PPE and other safety equipment for all employees

Safety should not be enforced only to comply with laws and regulations requiring businesses to maintain workspaces free from possible risks and hazards for everyone. Facilities maintenance service providers must incorporate a safety program as part of their business goals and ongoing processes, and must also reevaluate their protocols regularly for continuous safety improvement. From a customer’s viewpoint, the most effective partner company to outsource the facilities maintenance function is one that has a dedicated health and safety team responsible for all their internal safety preparation, execution of training and safety programs, and regular safety audits for all customer sites. This approach highlights the service provider’s commitment to safety with a workforce that knows how to protect themselves as well as the people around them.

Along with the significance of workplace safety at all times, the recent pandemic has made it even more important to scale up cleaning and disinfecting protocols with more frequent maintenance schedules. Seasoned facilities maintenance companies are also investing in new training programs for both new and current employees to prepare them to resolve new coronavirus related challenges and to ensure that they recognize the safest ways of using and handling equipment, cleaning and disinfecting substances, PPE, and others. All in all, safety for facilities maintenance companies is an important business goal and essential component of the company culture.

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