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Increasing Customer Satisfaction through a High-Impact Facilities Maintenance Training Program

Contributed by the Diversified Maintenance Client Relations Team

A well-structured and comprehensive employee training program is one of the most productive ways for facilities maintenance companies to drive up the value of their workforce and increase company efficiency. Outsourced facilities maintenance services fulfil an essential function at customer facilities, but their benefits and impact greatly depend on the service provider’s workforce quality. While facilities maintenance companies may have a clear vision of the job requirements to be fulfilled by their employees, they cannot expect to achieve the results without investing in employee upskilling through a training program.

68% employees say training and development is the company’s most important policy. – ClearCompany Talent Management

A growing number of employees are looking for opportunities to work for companies that nurture employee growth by training them to improve their abilities and gain new skills. Simultaneously, businesses that are looking to outsource their facilities maintenance function prefer to partner with service providers that invest in employee training. Despite the different requirements for businesses in different industries, the importance of facilities maintenance remains the same as it delivers a wide range of integrated solutions that can support and improve operational efficiency at customer facilities. With a high degree of responsibility on facilities maintenance service providers, personnel receiving effective training conduct their duties with a sense of both, accountability and motivation.

Employee training for facilities maintenance companies is also important to gain a competitive edge. The service providers are able to retain a highly motivated workforce with a low employee turnover. At the same time, training and development also leads to:

  • Improved and consistent performance
  • High-standard efficiency
  • High customer satisfaction and loyalty

Customer satisfaction in facilities maintenance is driven by consistent and efficient cleaning, disinfecting, and maintenance practices that are delivered by employees with adequate training about different job assignments, job task expectations, and safety training. Businesses have always prioritized partnering with service providers that invest in a training program comprising several modules and methods, and with the recent pandemic it has become even more important to identify facilities maintenance partners that are committed to enhanced training on effective protocols for infection control and new safety standards.

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