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Clean Restrooms and Positive Impressions: Why You Should Outsource Your Restroom Sanitation

Contributed by Michelle Launey, National Sales Executive

All commercial facilities take restroom sanitation as a priority but to get the work done efficiently is not as easy as some would assume. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, a clean and well-maintained public restroom is a necessity to prevent potential health hazards.

Restroom sanitation is one of the many components of creating a safe and healthy work environment. All businesses recognize the value of cleanliness and hygiene standards in public restrooms, but it is often forgotten that a restroom with seemingly sparkling surfaces can also overlooked spots that may be filled with microbes, viruses, bacteria, and other germs. One of the most prominent reasons why businesses prefer to outsource the restroom cleaning function to a professional company is that their staff is trained to efficiently perform deep cleaning without missing a spot.

As a challenging requirement to fulfill with in-house staff, commercial facilities benefit greatly by outsourcing their restroom sanitation to an experienced janitorial and facilities maintenance company. Some of the key reasons and advantages include:

Training & Experience – Professional service providers ensure thorough training to execute each task efficiently and effectively. A successful facilities maintenance partner can deliver personalized solutions with better and quicker services than an in-house team. Trained, experienced, and skilled staff members understand the requirements, work diligently with attention to detail, and proactively resolve any possible issues.

Absenteeism Management Practices – If a business facility delegates the responsibility for restroom sanitation to its own workers, it is likely to find it challenging to manage worker shortage and absenteeism without facing potential risks associated with unhygienic restrooms. On the contrary, outsourced solutions make it easy for businesses to have a stress-free experience in the event of anticipated or unexpected absenteeism for restroom cleaning staff. The service provider can ensure the routine tasks are performed without disruption or delay by arranging for other employees to cover for the missed shift.

Service & Quality Standards – Along with the skills and expertise that professional service providers work with, they have knowledge of the most appropriate and useful products to be used that best clean, disinfect, and sanitize restrooms. They are also equipped with the right tools for frequent deep cleaning, enhanced sanitary condition, and consistently maintain the sparkling visual appeal.

Diversified Maintenance has a growing customer base nationwide with experience in catering diverse industries. At the same time, the integrated services delivered include a wide range including enhanced services designed in response to COVID-19 guidelines. Among many other solutions, restroom cleaning and sanitation services are performed with great attention to detail. To learn more about outstanding services for your facility, send me a note: Michelle Launey