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Criteria to Identify a Quality-Driven Facilities Maintenance Company You Can Partner With

Contributed by Robert Stern, National Sales Executive

As straightforward as it may seem to some small scale businesses, it can be quite daunting to allocate the entire cleaning and maintenance function to an in-house team and manage it successfully. The alternate of outsourcing the facilities maintenance tasks to a professional service provider has not only proven to be reliable and trouble-free but is also cost-effective in the long run. However, in order to have an effortless experience with a facilities maintenance company, it is important to ensure that the right partner is selected with due diligence.

Customer Base – Although a larger customer base highlights the positive reputation for the service provider, a deeper analysis of the businesses they’re catering to is equally relevant. The concept of one-size-fits-all services is a futile approach particularly when the customers belong to various industries. Facilities maintenance companies that deliver standardized solutions to all their partners essentially lack customization capabilities. Each business is unique in terms of its scope of work, cleaning requirements, products and equipment requirements, and much more. The only service providers that can determine and deliver individual specifications are companies that offer tailored cleaning and maintenance services with the agility and flexibility to adapt to change in operational requirements.

Transparency – Transparency and communication are undoubtedly essential in all stages of service delivery at a facility. However, some companies overlook the importance of transparency in the early stages of preparing and entering a new contract. One can expect transparent operations and service delivery from a facilities maintenance company that makes the effort from the very beginning of customer interaction prior to start-of-service that they are on the same page as the customer to ensure easy access to information, clear terms on pricing, detailed scope of work, types of inspection, overview of the transition phase, and other key policies relevant throughout the contract period.

Recognition & Certification – Some of the most relevant credentials for facilities maintenance companies include BSCAI safety award and CIMS-GB certification which is ISSA’s Cleaning Industry Management Standard. With integrated solutions for customers in all types of industries, certified facilities maintenance companies are the ones recognized by significant authorities for their capabilities to deliver safe, consistent, and impeccable solutions.

Training Program – In facilities maintenance services, customer experience greatly depends on the service quality delivered by the company’s employees. As the face of the company, engaged and motivated employees ensure high customer satisfaction. However, it is not possible for a service provider to expect employees to deliver consistent service quality without investing in their training program. It is beneficial to partner with a facilities maintenance company that has a dedicated team responsible to create and implement a comprehensive training program to improve their skills and acquire new ones along with career advancing opportunities.

Diversified Maintenance has earned CIMS-GB with Honors for managing and operating competent services and nationwide delivery. To learn more about our enhanced services for business re-entry after the pandemic, competitive service quality, improved training program and custom solutions, send me a note at: Robert Stern