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Choosing a Janitorial Company: 4 Considerations to Find the Right Service Provider

Contributed by Darren Theodore, Regional Sales Executive

The current pandemic along with its necessary protocols to continue business operations safely, there is a greater need for businesses of all types and sizes to rely on the expertise of a professional janitorial company. Outsourcing the cleaning and maintenance requirements to an accomplished service provider means that businesses can not only receive the services that they have requested for but can also be directed by a team of experts to design a janitorial plan that best meets their requirements and complies with the new regulations.

While a significant number of businesses are looking to enter a new contract with a competent cleaning and maintenance service providers, should they only look for firms offering the basic services that they are looking for and select any one with the lowest rates? This approach may have worked for start-ups or small scale businesses way before the pandemic. The current times demand a much more detailed evaluation of the potential service providers and some of the key considerations before the final decision include:

Certification – Among a couple of industry recognition and accolades, CIMS-GB holds high relevance and prestige for professional janitorial companies. This certification is a valuable benchmark for selecting a partner company with advance capabilities to deliver integrated services with rigorous quality standards and consistent accountability measures.

Understanding of Project Goals – The potential new janitorial service provider must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the project priorities and customer expectations. Although the service provider will work for its own business goals, it should try to achieve them at the cost of making the customer suffer with mediocre results. Their business goals should align well with the desired outcomes of the program and schedule that the customer is paying for. A suitable company to partner with will be able to clearly and transparently develop an understanding of what the customer’s requirements are and strive to work with a customer-centric approach to exceed their expectations.

Account Management, Communications, and Client Relations – Customers can benefit greatly from working with a partner that offers a dedicated team for Account Management and Client Relations to maintain easy communications. Simultaneously, a single point of contact available at any time of the day makes it easy to proactively answer queries, fix complaints without delay, and ensure prompt service delivery with continuous improvement.

Training & Safety Standards – Janitorial companies that deliver standardized services for all customers often lack effective training capabilities to address requirements and requests specific to each customer. On the other hand, janitorial and maintenance firms with integrated solutions tailored around each customer’s individual project specifications and scope of work ensure that their employees undergo robust training to deliver the planned services seamlessly. Likewise, Health and Safety are prioritized to not only comply with mandatory safety standards, but also to operate with a commitment to both environmental and employee health and safety at all times.

Diversified Maintenance works closely with new customers for seamless transition and strives to deliver reliable and high quality service standards for all customers. In view of the current pandemic, the Company has revisited the existing plans and implemented successful changes to the protocols and their frequency. To learn more about enhanced cleaning and disinfecting services to meet the requirements of your business facility, send me a note at: Darren Theodore