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Xandria Grady Leads the Charge at CalsonicKansei

Recently, operations brought on a new onsite manager at CalsonicKansei in Tennessee. The new manager took control of the Diversified team, helping to improve performance so much that the customer’s Facilities Manager wanted to express his appreciation. he said,

I just wanted to reach out and express my extreme satisfaction with our site manager, Xandria Grady. When we launched this contract, the launch was not to the standards we expected from Diversified Maintenance. When Xandria was brought on board, she immediately began to communicate with the Marelli team on the issues and chiseled away at finding solutions. She worked day and night to correct the issues and now Diversified Maintenance has an approval rating of over 80% from our employees. She has been respectful and has taken ownership of the areas that we have hired Diversified to maintain. In my opinion, her performance needs to be recognized and used as a benchmark for your other facilities. Thank you for finding a great onsite manager; it truly is a load off my team!

Congratulations, Xandria, for such an amazing job!