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Making Your Next Transition Seamless and (almost) Painless

Contributed by Dave Saeltzer

How to Better Manage the Transition to a New Janitorial Service Provider

Replacing your current janitorial service provider with a new one can be a daunting task. There’s always the fear of lost time and money during the transition phase, and of a drop off in service that usually means phone calls and emails from irritated staff. Some companies will even suffer through bad service from their current provider, rather than go through the transition to a new service provider.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. To avoid the “terror of transition,” look for a company that works out a detailed transition plan before they even set foot on your site. Service providers that stand out from competitors are the ones that dedicate 30-45 days of transition planning before starting a new project. When deciding on which facilities company to partner with, look out for these important milestones and steps in their transition phase:

Milestone 1: Start-Up Orientation (1 month prior to Start-of- Service)

  • Senior management must evaluate the account specifications to determine a plan of action
  • Operations management to review building engineering to define cleaning areas

Milestone 2: Interview & Hiring (3 weeks prior to Start-of- Service)

  • Operations managers interview applicants and plan worker transfers
  • Employees are recruited who best fit the job assignment

Milestone 3: Training & Inventory Control (2 weeks prior to Start-of- Service)

  • Operations Managers train new and ongoing employees to ensure consistent, quality service
  • Delivery of equipment and supplies must be arranged in a timely manner

Milestone 4: Transition Service Review (1 week prior to Start-of- Service)

  • Managers check and account for equipment and supplies, finish Orientation Training, issue ID badges, and review staff rules
  • Managers should also complete building control logs to include personnel, training, and operations departments

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