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What Makes Outsourced Cleaning and Facility Maintenance Services More Practical and Viable than a Self-Operating Model

Business operations are core activities that are performed on a daily basis to accomplish key business objectives and earn a profit. These operations, on the other hand, are supported by an array of tasks and functions that are unrelated to revenue generation but increase the value of the core operations by enabling the business to focus on delivering improved results to its customers. Facility maintenance, for instance, is a backend function that plays a critical role in supporting the operational productivity and seamless performance in a clean and well-kept facility. When this function is outsourced to a professional service provider, it further becomes easier to align the cleaning practices with the core operational schedule through a comprehensive program that runs in the background and assures optimal use of time and resources.

While some businesses have traditionally worked with a self-operating cleaning model, there are many others that realize the benefits of outsourcing the cleaning and facility maintenance functions to a professional service provider. An experienced partner can design a convenient, practical, and viable program tailored around the unique requirements of each business. On the contrary, investing time and effort in establishing an in-house cleaning team often overlooks the potential benefits of partnering with a facility maintenance company that has the specific experience, knowledge, and best practices of their work domain. Some of the value-added advantages of outsourced facility maintenance services include

  • Opportunity to concentrate on core business competencies
  • Cost savings in the long run
  • Access to trained and skilled on-ground staff
  • Better business efficiencies
  • Scheduled reports
  • Quality assurance practices

Diversified Maintenance delivers a host of benefits to its customers including cost cutting without compromising on service quality and scope of work. The Company crafts a tailored and effective facility maintenance program to meet the individual requirements for businesses in all types of industries, and also ensures to integrate best practices for preventative maintenance, on-site safety practices, and streamlined day-to-day protocols. To learn more about the benefits of outsourcing your cleaning and maintenance function, send me a note at: Michael Arrington