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Key Benchmarking Tips for Your New Janitorial Partner

Contributed by Christopher Payne, Regional Sales Executive

For most businesses, switching to a new janitorial service provider from an existing one is likely to result in disruptions during transition, and may possibly take time for the new company to fully get on track to required productivity. However, there are several instances that work as customer motivation to seek out a new service partner for their janitorial function. Insufficient performance from their present outsourced partner, for instance, is the most typical reason that compels them to action. Regardless of the problems they face, finding a new cleaning company necessitates a thorough understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the potential options. Having said that, analyzing a new janitorial partner can be a challenge and an effective approach is to use benchmarking to compare it with other competitors before making the final decision.

A holistic approach for benchmarking involves evaluating the potential service partner in terms of the services it provides, its position in the industry, and what it can deliver that sets it apart from competition. The same process can be developed further to determine how the new integrated solutions are superior to the current janitorial company. Overall, benchmarking practices should enable businesses to search for some of the best service providers in the industry, because they can lead to better performance than their existing cleaning practices. The assessment strategies that can help predict how well the new janitorial partner will perform include a comprehensive analysis of the company’s own standing in the following areas as well as in comparison to the existing service partner:

  • Organizational culture
  • Account management practices
  • Pricing plan
  • Cost efficiency in the long run
  • Boosting cleaning efficiencies
  • Capacity to take up the cleaning requirements across multiple facilities of the same customer located in different areas, cities, and even states
  • Relevant certifications including CIMS-GB by ISSA
  • Employee training and development program
  • Eco-friendly initiatives
  • Range of integrated services

Diversified Maintenance works closely with new customers to assist in bridging service gaps that they faced earlier, while designing tailored cleaning and maintenance programs that focus on the way forward. As a customer-centric and data-driven company, productivity and quality are integral parts of routine day-to-day functionality. To learn more about the benefits of measurable objectives and benchmarking best practices, send me a note at: Chris Payne