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Understanding Long Term Partnership with Facilities Maintenance Companies

Contributed by Ed Turbeville, National Sales Executive

With the recent re-entry into the market after business operations came to a halt due to the pandemic, a growing number of companies in all industries have established new objectives, contingency plans, and business continuity strategies. Similarly, businesses are also interested in finding opportunities to extract greater value from their external suppliers and partners, including their facilities maintenance service providers – and an effective approach is to sustain long-term relationships.

Given the essential role of their services, many businesses are opting to move from traditional supplier relations with their facilities maintenance companies toward a more meaningful and long-lasting partnership than just an external vendor level. Simultaneously, the service providers that work with a partnership framework also emphasize on establishing sustainable partnerships with their customers.

Improved Integrity & Communication

The longer the partnership with a customer, the better the understanding of the customer requirements and expectations. As a result, the facilities maintenance partner improves the efficiency and quality of communication which is an important part of proactive problem resolution and outstanding customer service.

Shared Objectives

The partnership and its success depend on the scope of work and objectives that both companies have for the facilities maintenance program. A longstanding partnership between the customer and the facilities maintenance service provider results in a clear understanding of objectives and a shared vision for the program.

Continuous Improvement

An experienced facilities maintenance partner recognizes the importance of service quality standards and continuous improvement. Long term partnership provides the benefit of continuous improvement through gaining customer feedback and insight over time while substantially improving the understanding of the customer’s operations, goals, priorities, and requirements.

Diversified Maintenance welcomes the opportunity to partner with businesses looking for strategic, long-term relationships. With a customer-centric approach and tailored solutions, we ensure each customer can focus on its core operations in a clean and safe environment.  To learn more about the outstanding customer service and partnerships in different industries, send me a note at: Ed Turbeville