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Facilitating Business Re-Entry with a New Facilities Maintenance Partner

Contributed by Cindy Fetters, Regional Sales Executive

On the one hand, all companies are aware that business re-entry after the novel coronavirus pandemic would necessitate operating in a ‘new normal’ environment. However, acknowledging the ‘new normal’ is not the same as understanding what it really means or what it looks like for businesses in different industries. Since the pandemic brought unprecedented challenges across every industry, companies are resuming operations but with the challenges of revisiting their operations and practices to ensure safety at the workplace for everyone.

With a growing number of firms reopening for business, they are recognizing that the role of a competent and experienced facilities maintenance partner matters now more than ever. The collaborated efforts of a business along with its facilities maintenance partner can ensure thorough evaluation of the facility to create a plan with the most suitable cleaning, disinfecting, and maintenance protocols. At the same time, the service provider can also help the business work through the new challenges of ensuring SOPs for pandemic response.

Whether a business requires a change in their service provider or others considering outsourcing the facilities maintenance function for the first time, some facilities maintenance partners stand out for their strengths that go beyond the core services offered. A new partner for business re-entry should be committed to ensuring seamless service transition for new customers. Other important considerations for a new facilities maintenance partner for businesses, that require support for a streamlined re-entry with uninterrupted operations, include:

  • Cost savings in the long run
  • Self-performing service delivery model rather than outsourcing to a third party
  • Procurement of products from quality suppliers
  • Transparent and easily accessible communication channel
  • Employee training for business continuity on topics including safety protocols, emergency preparedness, and sustained operations
  • Routine site inspection by supervisors and managers
  • Compliance with safety regulations

Diversified Maintenance works with a four-step framework to support business re-entry for customers across numerous industries. Specially designed procedures comply with expert guidelines and ensure safe and healthy workplaces for all customers. The Company’s teams also include employees holding Global Biorisk Advisory Council® Certification offered through ISSA. To learn more about custom business re-entry program for your facility, send me a note at: Cindy Fetters