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The Significance of Transparency in Facilities Maintenance Contract Terms

Contributed by Darren Theodore, Regional Sales Executive

Every new facilities maintenance program commences after a contract is designed and agreed upon by both, the service provider and the customer. The contract’s main aim is to specify all relevant information about the cleaning and maintenance program in order to outline the terms of the agreement with a new customer. Any service provider with a vague description of the work they plan to accomplish is likely to result in unfavorable situations in terms of service delivery and customer expectations.

It happens quite often that prospects tend to focus so much on the range of services, quality assurance practices, national footprint, customer base across several industries and similar performance areas that the significance of a well-defined contract gets overlooked. Among other service related important criteria of evaluating a new facilities maintenance service partner is the process and structure of the contract and its specifications. The contract is a useful tool to clearly communicate expectations from the service provider as well as the customer. While customers can specify the number of services required with level of detail for each task, the facilities maintenance service provider can also lay out obligations, regulatory compliance, payment details, and so forth.

As it can impact the success of the overall program, service delivery, and level of professionalism, experienced facilities maintenance companies prioritize transparency in their contract. Along with the basic information of both parties, their contracts include details on key specifications such as:

  • Scope of work
  • Work schedule
  • List of each cleaning task to be performed with its frequency
  • All supplies and equipment included in the program
  • Contract period
  • Renewal terms
  • Payment amount with details on invoicing practices, mode of payment, frequency of billing, among others
  • Communication channel for problem resolution

Diversified Maintenance drafts contracts that clearly outline the deliverables each customer can expect from their facilities maintenance program. As a successful, reliable, and effective service partner for a growing customer base across various industries, the Company promotes openness and accountability at every step of the contract period. As the management prioritizes customer satisfaction, the service contract specifications are designed to ensure transparency in invoicing, easy access to information, a complete scope of service, and cost efficiency in the long run. To learn more about the benefits of transparent contract, operations, and day-to-day processes, send me a note at: Darren Theodore