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Is it Possible to Solve Labor Shortage Issues – Effective Approach to Maintain a Productive Facilities Maintenance Workforce

Contributed by Nancy Matura, National Sales Executive

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the US job market dynamics were significantly different from what they are now, mainly because a greater number of people were willing to work hourly jobs. Owing to the large pool of candidates readily available during the pre-pandemic times, businesses were able to resolve employee turnover problems more efficiently. However, the current labor shortage crisis has had a hindering impact on businesses in all types of industries. Along with the difficulties of attracting new personnel, retaining existing staff has also become increasingly difficult.

With labor shortage directly affecting productivity and growth, it was natural for many businesses to be reluctant with outsourcing their backend support functions such as cleaning and facilities maintenance. It became common to have ambiguity about the performance of facilities maintenance service providers based on doubts about low employee retention and labor shortage leading to inadequate performance and service quality. Several cleaning and maintenance companies faced difficulties in employee recruitment and retention. Despite different challenges related to the labor shortage situation, there are some experienced facilities maintenance companies that have used their wide reach and resources to design sound strategies that facilitate securing and maintaining the on-ground workforce.

Apart from the existing labor market dynamics, Diversified Maintenance has always focused on establishing robust employee management and engagement strategies that prioritize employee development and job satisfaction. The management adds value for each employee through well-designed employee recognition programs, seamless internal communication methods, and comprehensive training modules. Some of the important measures for employee recruitment and retention that have contributed toward maintaining a low turnover rate through the recent unprecedented times include:

  • In-house recruitment team dedicated to full-time efforts on a daily basis
  • Existing employees receive a Referral bonus to encourage them to promote the Company’s recruitment process among friends and family
  • Orientation training program with classroom modules followed by growth and development through on-site training.
  • Leadership development opportunities highlighted by examples within the Company for field managers who had joined as on-ground cleaning team members
  • Employee recognition programs to appreciate high performance and hard work through incentives and rewards, such as Bravo Award, Spot Award, Employee of the Month Certificate, among others

Diversified Maintenance has maintained its productivity and quality services by facing the labor shortage challenges at the forefront with effective methods of improving the employee experience and boosting their morale at the same time. The practical approach of attracting new personnel, helping them achieve their job requirements, and providing them with enhanced training opportunities has made it possible to maintain a low turnover rate that has an undeniable impact on the Company’s service standards and quality assurance. To learn more about the benefits of an outsourced integrated facilities maintenance program without the hassle of hiring, training, and retaining an in-house team, send me a note at: Nancy Matura