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The New Normal Cleaning Regime

Enhanced Cleaning & Disinfecting Requirements for Offices  

Offices of all types and sizes are required to adapt several changes in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic. A comprehensive strategy incorporating both, short and long term precautions and upgrades have become high priority. As companies and employees are gearing up for office reopening, some key changes in consideration include restricting the number of employees present at work at the same time, modifying the collaborative layout into a physically distant workspace for colleagues, installing sanitizer stations, among others. Similarly, the cleaning practices followed prior to the pandemic must also undergo adjustments to comply with expert recommendations and public health guidelines that are necessary for creating a safe workspace for employees.

As much as it is important to train employees on maintaining hand hygiene and physical distance, businesses require a strong partnership with a facilities maintenance company to deliver enhanced cleaning solutions that include thorough and frequent cleaning of all high touch points as well as disinfecting practices for high traffic areas in the facility.

“Cleaning and disinfecting public spaces including your workplace, school, home, and business will require you to develop your plan, implement your plan, maintain and revise your plan.” – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, facilities maintenance companies carried out their on-site duties and have been recognized among the group of essential workforce. While their services were important during lockdown, some of the leading service providers actively evolved to respond to the new challenges and support the business re-entry plan for their customers. The new and enhanced cleaning requirements for corporate headquarters and offices are part of the necessary and permanent measures for all businesses.

Re-opening offices requires businesses to partner with professional facilities maintenance companies and move forward together by implementing a stricter and more frequent cleaning regime. Office maintenance plans have new standardized services that include frequent cleaning, routine deep cleaning, and disinfecting high touch points.

Diversified Maintenance responded to the new challenges with a multi-tiered process with separate plans for both, cleaning and disinfecting protocols that help businesses mitigate the risk of infection exposure and outbreak in their offices. To learn more about robust office cleaning and disinfecting programs tailored to meet each customer’s scope of work, send me a note at Neema Moughari at