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Facilities Maintenance Solutions Impact Distribution Center Safety and Efficiency

Contributed by Jim Hartweck, Client Relations Executive

The size and layout of modern-day distribution centers lead to an overwhelming set of responsibilities for the janitorial and maintenance staff. Consequently, distribution centers arranging for their own team for cleaning and maintenance functions often face the challenges of having an understaffed team, inadequate use of supplies and resources, lack of efficiency that impedes productivity, increase in maintenance costs, and so on. On the other hand, however, most of these challenges are resolved by partnering with a professional facilities maintenance company.

Outsourcing the facilities maintenance function to an expert service provider makes it possible to run a high-productivity distribution center with minimized risks and hazards and improved cost-efficiency.

Easier Movement & Workflow – Distribution centers require clean and organized spaces to ensure easy and safe movement of employees, inventory, pallets, and vehicles. Professional service providers train their on-ground staff to follow customized schedules with a systematic approach to support consistent, smooth, and optimized smooth warehouse operations.

Employee Motivation – The scale of distribution center workload makes it important to provide a clean, safe, and well-maintained workspace to employees and keep them motivated to deliver required performance standards. However, cleaning and maintaining distribution centers involve complex and challenging tasks that require a highly trained team of experts. Facilities maintenance companies that dedicate its time and resources in training its employees on general and customer-specific topics can provide seamless operations with risk prevention. These are necessary attributes of a positive work environment that boost employee morale, productivity, and job satisfaction at distribution centers.

Risk-Free Operations – When the cleaning protocols and frequency are inadequate, distribution centers not only become dirty in no time but also face operational obstructions with dirty and messy aisles. As a result, warehouses and distribution centers become prone to numerous hazards and risks including slips and falls, oil spills, forklift accidents, mold, hazardous air quality, among many others.

Diversified Maintenance understands each vital requirement specific to warehouses and distribution centers. The team members work with a customer-centric approach and professionalism, using the right tools and PPE with focus on safety and proactive resolution of possible hazards. To learn more about tailored integrated facilities maintenance plans for all types of distribution centers, send me a note: Jim Hartweck at