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Team Effort is the Way Forward for Successful Facilities Maintenance Programs

Contributed by Mark Gilbreth, Regional Sales Executive

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

Building a workforce with skills, knowledge, and expertise in multitasking and executing a variety of roles is critical for facilities maintenance service providers. Each employee’s job description includes several cleaning and maintenance functions that must be performed effectively and efficiently. Multitasking requirements, on the other hand, should not be misinterpreted as entrusting an exorbitant number of tasks and activities to a single employee. In fact, enhanced productivity and service quality are possible with a facilities maintenance program that encourages teamwork and cross training for seamless operations.

The cleaning and facilities maintenance staff can work in teams to divide time-consuming and larger responsibilities into smaller and more attainable tasks, while making it easier to monitor and achieve program objectives. Simultaneously, team effort is an effective approach to establish accountability as a core part of the work culture – employees will feel motivated to take responsibility of their performance.

Promoting teamwork through cross-training also allows facilities maintenance service providers to reduce the impact of employee absenteeism and turnover, limit the margin of error, and ensure uninterrupted and seamless operations with consistent quality standards. A work culture built on teamwork also cultivates healthy competition among the on-ground teams. As a result, a productive team brings together motivated employees who want to be recognized for both their individual and team contributions.

Diversified Maintenance fosters a sense of responsibility among employees to increase their morale and improve their commitment to work. The employees also undergo comprehensive training for a wide range of skills required for their individual job roles as well as a specialized cross-training program to help them possess versatile skills for performing additional functions along with their own assigned duties when required. To learn more on the benefits of individual facilities maintenance employees coming together as a strong team to deliver value-driven services, send me a note at: Mark Gilbreth