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Professional Facilities Maintenance Services Support Customer Experience Goals for Banks and Financial Institutions

Contributed by Nancy Matura, National Sales Executive

“As its name implies, customer experience in banking refers to a customer’s collective experience interacting with various touch-points.” – Phillip Dudovicz (Industry Director, Hitachi Solutions America)

A pristine appearance, immaculate hygiene standards, and specialized cleaning practices are all vital aspects of the customer experience for banks and financial institutions. As a result, many banks and financial institutions partner with experienced facilities maintenance service providers for their cleaning, disinfecting, and maintenance requirements. These services not only ensure maintaining an impeccable appearance of the facility, but the professional and high-quality standards also impact the customer confidence in their bank.

Another key requirement for banks and financial institutions is to maintain identical level of cleaning and hygiene standards across all their branches. Similar to the importance of consistency in their core services and operations, they also promote uniformity in customer experience across all their brick-and-mortar sites. Despite an exponential growth in internet banking, the physical locations for financial institutions are structured to capitalize on the value of human interaction.

Diversified Maintenance is a trusted partner for more than 4000 banking and financial institution locations. The key to success for the Company’s success lies in its capacity to deliver customized facilities maintenance programs that include industry-specific KPIs. The year-over-year growth in the number of locations in the financial sector is a result of the team’s experience in addressing the requirements for the banking environment, including specialized training program that includes industry-specific needs and safety requirements. Simultaneously, various reporting systems are in place for sharing reports on Company performance, as well as evaluating the data gathered and addressing customer feedback to further improve service standards. To learn more about a comprehensive facilities maintenance program with a scope of work tailored around the requirements for multi-site banks and financial institutions, send me a note at: Nancy Matura