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Stronger Core Operations with an Outsourced Facility Maintenance Partner

Contributed by Dennis Ritt, Regional Sales Executive

“To pinpoint where to focus on growth and recovery, you need to look inward, starting by reflecting on the most important pillars of your success: the core of your business. You can’t neglect the core of your organization and still expect to grow and sustainably scale.” – FORBES (Why Companies Need To Focus On Their Core)

The core of a business essentially focuses on its primary profit-making activity, but it also incorporates all other vital elements that make it possible for the business to achieve its objectives. It would not be wrong to include the company’s human resources, operations, and infrastructure as part of the business core. With its impact on the way a company can profitably continue its business, the core is top priority that should not be hindered in any way because of non-core obligations. For instance, the cleaning and facility maintenance are important but backend requirements for any business. By choosing a self-operating model for these support functions, businesses find themselves dealing with a host of challenges related to recruitment, training, supervision, among many others.

It is absolutely important for every business to have a clean and well-maintained work environment each day but in order to achieve these results, it is crucial to not only invest in appropriate products and tools as well as efficient employees. As a result, building an in-house high performing facility maintenance team demands time, effort, and which may interfere with the company’s ability to concentrate on its core functions. On the other hand, outsourced services can ensure professional and cost-effective outcomes through a team that is trained to meet the unique requirements of every customer in various industries. Similarly, experienced facility maintenance service providers have the capacity to deliver integrated services for a wide range of daily cleaning protocols and scheduled maintenance services that lead to high quality standards, year-on-year cost savings, positive customer experience, and most importantly no disruption for the customer’s essential operations.

Diversified Maintenance crafts tailored programs for customers in different industries that are designed with industry-specific and customer-centric scope of work, account management practices, safety measures, quality assurance metrics, and preventative maintenance initiatives for an all-encompassing customer experience.  To learn more about the benefits of working with an outsourced facility maintenance partner for all your different requirements, send me a note at: Dennis Ritt