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Safety Best Practices in Janitorial Services

Contributed by Garrett Goralski, Regional Sales Executive

Occupational Health and Workplace Safety as a Core Value for Your Janitorial Service Partner

Workplace safety is crucial for all businesses but when it comes to services such as janitorial and facility maintenance, safety measures hold a direct impact on service delivery and quality standards. The janitorial crew on the front-line of day-to-day operations face a wide range of potential hazards including the risk of slipping and falling causing injuries, use of harmful chemicals, working with equipment that may present a risk, and many more.

“A safe workplace is sound business. The main goal of safety and health programs is to prevent workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths, as well as the suffering and financial hardship these events can cause for workers, their families, and employers.” – OSHA

The role of safety for a janitorial company has wide implications on the wellbeing of not only the on-ground janitorial staff but also on the employees and several other people visiting the customer’s facility. In order to maintain an effective safety competency for each customer’s janitorial program, the service provider should establish a culture of occupational health and safety starting from the senior leadership and working its way to all levels of on-ground teams. One of the most crucial elements of the safety culture in the janitorial industry is the safety training program for employees. It won’t be feasible for employees to anticipate, prepare for, and respond to potential hazards without in-depth training on all pertinent safety topics. The training is an effective strategy for all on-site janitorial teams to show commitment and effort to workplace safety for themselves as well as everyone around them. The training program must be based on achieving clearly defined goals consistently across all customer sites. Refresher training courses and follow-up initiatives are also important to reduce potential workplace hazards by janitorial service providers. The safety promise by the service provider should be ingrained at all organizational levels and respected by every employee.

Diversified Maintenance has a dedicated Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) team working toward continuous improvement in the Company’s safety initiatives and employee training program. The team has designed comprehensive safety training modules with up to 100 key safety topics using different classroom and virtual tools including PowerPoint presentations and training videos among others. To learn more about safety best practices, training program, and policies, send me a note at: Garrett Goralski