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Select a CIMS-GB Certified Partner for your Facility Maintenance Goals

By Ryan Thomson, Regional Sales Executive

The facilities maintenance services industry in the US is growing in terms of revenue and number of businesses. This growth trend represents a potential opportunity for many businesses in the industry. Although a positive development, this growth also means that the customers now have a greater number of choices. The selection process can vary for different companies depending on their budget, scope of requirements, and other factors. But an increasing number of customers and prospects prefer service providers with a wide range of services to meet all or most of their cleaning and maintenance requirements. Instead of selecting a company with limited services and experience of working in a limited number of industries, customers are looking for more robust, in-depth, and complete facility maintenance solutions that can also be combined to create a custom, integrated maintenance plan their facilities.

To further narrow down the options for facilities maintenance companies, there is an increased demand for service providers with key industry certifications. CIMS-GB by the ISSA is a leading example of a credential granted to companies that operate with commitment to quality, advance efficiencies, and consistent operations. Diversified Maintenance is one of the CIMS-GB certified facilities maintenance companies with nationwide operations, offering integrated solutions and consistent service quality across a wide range of industries.

To learn more about Diversified’s specialized maintenance services with the capacity to ensure seamless transition for new businesses, leave me a note at