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Reduce Cleaning Operations Cost with Outsourced Services

Contributed by Michael Arrington, Regional Sales Executive

Businesses that perceive professional cleaning as a monotonous backend operation often overlook its importance. In reality, selecting a commercial cleaning partner and defining the scope of work are key business decisions that impact operational continuity and success. Forming a successful and productive partnership with a facilities maintenance is based on numerous factors such as the scope of work, quality assurance, and transparency, among others. With a seamless service transition and an effective custom program, facilities maintenance service providers can also deliver cost savings in the long run.

Year-over-year cost saving is an attractive benefit for customers only when scope of operations and quality standards are not compromised on – this necessitates partnering with a service provider with reliable performance and consistent results. The company’s consistent performance in the long run demonstrates its capacity to proactively resolve issues and manage unexpected situations like absenteeism or staff shortage without causing operational disruption for the customer. Similarly, it will also be possible for the company to minimize several cleaning and maintenance related expenses, including:

  • Processing payroll for self-performing janitorial function
  • Training and development for in-house team
  • Procuring products, tools, and equipment
  • Implement quality control protocols

Outsourcing the cleaning and maintenance fiction appears to be a cost for a business which can be transformed into cost saving over time. Professional service providers can improve the operational efficiency of the facility while proactively preventing unforeseen maintenance and repair expenses. However, fair pricing with tailored programs must not jeopardize service quality and operational efficiency which is why it is important to evaluate a service provider for its capabilities to offer preventive maintenance services. A preventive approach in facilities maintenance requires a thoroughly trained workforce that can reduce possible costs that incur after issues and damages are not predicted and resolved in time. At the same time, the comprehensive training and skills development program also ensures that the on-ground staff completes the required tasks with uncompromised quality.

Diversified Maintenance works with a customer-centric approach by creating a custom program for all types of standalone and integrated service requirements. To learn more about the year-over-year cost saving potential for a program tailored around your industry and business needs, send me a note at: Michael Arrington at