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Is Cost Efficiency Possible for Facilities Maintenance Services without Compromising Quality

Contributed by Ed Turbeville, Regional Sales Executive

Businesses of all types and sizes have experienced unprecedented challenges during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. As they have resumed operations in a ‘new normal’ work environment, entrepreneurs, managers, and other key decision makers are focusing on designing new contingency and business continuity plans. As a result, cost efficiency has become more important than ever. For small enterprises that operate on a tight budget, low operational costs are an important goal. However, the recent times have also made it important for businesses with large scale operations to minimize expenses, not only to increase the bottom line but also to be better prepared for unanticipated market disruptions and cash flow problems similar to those caused by the pandemic.

Among the numerous operating expenses, most businesses aim at reducing expenses for support functions that don’t have a direct impact on the quality of their product or service, mainly the ones that are outsourced to a professional service provider. One of these backend operations is facilities maintenance that is often outsourced, works as an ongoing support process, and can deliver cost savings in the long run. However, a facilities maintenance program generally includes distinct functions and integrated solutions that must always be delivered consistently, on time, and with desired quality standards. With an extensive scope of work, facilities maintenance service providers often charge a price that impacts their customers’ operational costs. While other companies that attract potential customers with the promise to reduce costs often result in either minimizing the scope of work or service quality.

Successful and established facilities maintenance service providers design their pricing plans with a long-term strategy to deliver year-over-year cost saving to the customers. Their effective approach focuses on enhancing low-cost operational efficiencies without lowering the frequency or quality of service delivery.

Diversified Maintenance boosts cost efficiency while maintaining service excellence through different strategies that include implementing a seamless service transition plan, adopting effective technology and innovation solutions, ensuring preventive maintenance at all customer sites to avoid unnecessary expenses with overlooked problems, and designing tailored programs with integrated services for a cost-saving single vendor contract, among many others. To learn more about the customer-centric tailored solutions that lead to year-over-year cost savings in the long run, send me a note at: Ed Turbeville