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Quality Assurance Drives Successful Facilities Maintenance Operations

Contributed by the Diversified Maintenance Client Relations Team

Facilities maintenance is an important, professional discipline that supports the core operations of the businesses that it serves. As an ever-evolving function that responds to the growing and changing demands of the customers across all industries, leading facilities maintenance service providers are adapting a more systematic, comprehensive, and personalized approach than before. With the increase in customized service deliveries, potential customers are also looking for customized quality assurance program.  As the cleaning and maintenance plan and schedule is designed to fit the unique requirements of each customer, it should be supported with a tailored quality assurance program that observes and reports daily tasks performed, examines quality of services delivered, presents timely solutions to any problems identified or predicted, collects customer feedback, and maintains supplier quality.

A successful approach for quality control and assurance is through a program that addresses problems proactively by:

  • Recognizing performance challenges
  • Identifying key causes behind the challenges
  • Recommending and enforcing solutions

In contrast to delivering standardized services across the customer base, facilities maintenance is now a more dynamic and highly competitive industry with personalized service plans tailored to meet the specific performance expectations and safety specifications of all types of customers.  Some of the essential components of an effective customized quality control and assurance program include:

  • Analysis of procedures to identify process improvement opportunities
  • Recognizing problems, implementing solutions, and evaluating results
  • Monitoring each employee’s daily tasks to ensure required performance standards are maintained
  • Conducting safety audits and on-site performance review
  • Addressing problems proactively and ensuring they are prevented in the future
  • Ensuring continuous training and employee evaluation
  • Monitoring quality of supplies and equipment

Attention to detail in the quality assurance program goes beyond the basic benefits of outsourcing the cleaning, janitorial, disinfecting, and sanitizing requirements. When the service provider focuses on continuous quality improvement through well-defined processes, customers are satisfied with the selected partner’s understanding of customer requirements, efforts of training the workforce to meet these unique requirements, and consistently delivering desired results.

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