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Facilities Maintenance Outsourcing for Manufacturing Facilities: Understanding Industrial Procedures is Critical

Contributed by the Diversified Maintenance Client Relations Team

Facilities maintenance of a manufacturing facility is not limited to basic, routine cleaning services only but requires execution of integrated facilities maintenance solutions that provide advanced benefits such as cost savings, reduced delays, and optimized production capabilities. Industrial plants are like no other business facility in terms of their operations management, significance and scope, and critical impact to the business. In order to develop and implement a robust facilities maintenance program for an industrial site, the outsourced service provider must gain complete understanding of every aspect involving its procedures, strategies, and risks. At the same time, every on-ground employee must receive comprehensive training based on the understanding of how the manufacturing facility works.

A well-trained staff from the service provider can ensure immaculate service delivery, which is essential for the success of an integrated facilities maintenance program for manufacturing facilities. Similarly, a service provider that understands that each manufacturing business has unique requirements and expectations from the facilities maintenance partner will ensure that the employees undergo tailored training courses for each industrial customer. Other attributes of an outsourced service provider that can transform the facilities maintenance function for a manufacturing facility include:

Uninterrupted Workflow – A backend function with a significant impact on the core operations, the selected facilities maintenance staff should be able to work with agility without disrupting the flow of production process and other core functions.

Custom Maintenance Plan & Schedule – The scope of a facilities maintenance program varies for each industrial site for a variety of reasons such as type of heavy or light industry, production capacity, workflow and facility layout, number of employees, and so on. It is not suitable to partner with a facilities maintenance company that delivers standardized services, plan, and schedule to all customers. An effective approach for manufacturing facilities includes a trained staff, dedicated account management team, and bespoke services delivered at an adequately scheduled frequency.

Self-Performing Capabilities – Industrial facilities can benefit greatly from choosing a self-performing facilities maintenance service provider as it allows greater control over service quality, better communications, streamlined service evaluation and process improvement, and enhanced transparency of maintenance procedures.

As an increasingly competitive industry, facilities maintenance companies that work closely with industrial manufacturing plants are evolving towards integrated services with better quality standards. These service providers also have the financial strength and stability to take on a fully outsourced role across an industrial site but also ensure extensive training for all employees to be fully aware of the facility’s essential functions.

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