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How We Manage Facilities Maintenance in Different Environments

Having a diverse number of customers in multiple industry verticals means being prepared for a range of different environments, each with its own cleaning and maintenance challenges.

With over four decades of experience in serving customers from various industries including industrial and manufacturing, retail, government, commercial offices, logistics and distribution, healthcare and IT, the teams at Diversified Maintenance possess a vast level of knowledge related to the cleaning and maintenance needs of different work environments. Based on this experience, we develop a true facility maintenance program for each building we maintain.

Some of the ways in which we provide for the diverse needs of our customers include:

Our teams undergo extensive training that gives them the skills and the knowledge to work in a variety of environments. Much of the training given revolves around:

  • Safe and effective handling of chemicals and effective utilization
  • Proper operation of cleaning equipment used for each section of the facility
  • Identification of potentially dangerous hazards and the application of safety best practices.

Facility Evaluation
We understand that every facility is different and presents its own set of challenges. This is why before the start of service delivery, we conduct a thorough on-site assessment in which we determine the various problem areas of the environment. We then discuss the goals with the customer’s team and partner with them to create a maintenance program.

For hospitals and medical facilities, the focus is on proper disinfection and sanitization of patients’ rooms and operation theatres. For data centers and software houses, our emphasis is on ensuring security and the effective maintenance of equipment that is responsible for data storage. We adopt a similar approach for all other facilities that have diverse cleaning requirements.

In addition to the above, we provide maximum support to our customers in order to ensure smooth service delivery. This includes: 

  • The personalized service of a dedicated Corporate Account Manager along with access to Diversified’s 24/7 Field Help Desk.
  • Regular quality assessments conducted via electronic surveys, quality control audits, after-service calls, and quarterly business reviews.
  • An Environmental Health and Safety team that performs on-site training programs to educate employees on safety best practices.

By taking out the time to listen to the customer’s needs and then adapting our processes to the requirements of their environment, we are able to ensure maximum efficiency and offer our customers the best value for their investment.