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How Important is Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance for Banking Sector Employees, Customers, and Bottom-line?

Contributed by Neema Moughari, Client Relations Executive

Like all other industries, the COVID-19 outbreak brought unprecedented challenges for the banking sector, but it was also a crisis situation that revealed the value of professional cleaning and maintenance services for banks and financial institutions. So it was inevitable for the focus to move toward the invisible workforce – the cleaning, janitorial, and maintenance service providers who had little visibility of their work processes during bank hours.

Not only did the professional cleaning team members at banks traditionally worked behind the scenes maintaining a clean and healthy environment, their services did not gain attention or recognition by bank customers or even employees on any given day. However, the post-COVID19 work world presents a whole new story. The silent, backend operations by janitorial, housekeeping, and maintenance crews are now considered to play an integral role ever since cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitization have become one of the greatest priorities for everyone’s health and safety. The end result of cleaning and maintenance services are visible in all areas and surfaces at a bank but the credibility of these services is no longer based on just aesthetics. There has been a radical shift in customer and employee preferences and they expect banks to work closely with their selected cleaning and maintenance partner to ensure infection and contamination control within the premises. Although an understandable concern and requirement, it is not easy to accomplish provided that the facilities maintenance crew operates on the back-end to ensure bank operations are not interrupted. It depends greatly on the recruitment process of the facilities maintenance company as well as their training program to ensure that the on-site team is skilled and prepared to incorporate tailored solutions while meeting the evolving requirements of bank employees and customers.

While the coronavirus outbreak resulted in banks revisiting their services, operations, processes, and safety measures; they also required to ensure their cleaning and disinfecting protocols align with the recommended guidelines from health experts and agencies. As a result, a growing number of banks evaluated their cleaning and maintenance service providers and many transitioned to new partners for seamless and safe services.

The banking sector is one of the most important industries that Diversified Maintenance serves and the management not only understands the complex and competitive dynamics of the industry but also has years of experience to be aware of the bank operations, customer expectations, employee preferences, and service requirements in order to create a clean and safe environment. At the same time, the company implemented new and comprehensive training programs for on-site employees, and launched improved deep cleaning and disinfecting protocols with more frequent schedules to allow banks to maintain branch operations and client service operations without interruption. Send me a note at to learn more about our quality driven cleaning and maintenance solutions for banks and financial institutions.