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Cleaning and Disinfecting Considerations for High Tech Industry in Response to COVID-19

Contributed by Neema Moughari, Client Relations Executive

The high-tech industry comprises several types of mission-critical facilities including software and hardware production companies, internet service providers and its associated solutions, laboratories, research and development centers, clean rooms, data centers, and other critical infrastructure providers. The IT sector holds great importance in a digital-centric business environment, but its significance and impact have further increased in many ways since the recent coronavirus pandemic. Regardless of the type of technologies used, infrastructure in place, operations and processes implemented, all high tech facilities faced high demand and work load with the increase in online shopping, work-from-home setup, virtual learning, among others. As a result, the regular cleaning practices and schedules were no longer adequate to keep high tech facilities running without the risk of coronavirus exposure among employees.

“66% of data center owners increased the frequency of sanitization (disinfection) to eliminate any possible presence of the novel coronavirus in their facilities.” Uptime Institute Survey

The cleaning and disinfecting procedures for high-tech facilities are very different from any other industry. There are several precautions, special care, and essential steps to take into consideration before outsourcing the facilities maintenance function to a professional service provider. Owing to the COVID-19 outbreak in recent months, this high degree of attention to detail has been additionally increased. For high-tech facilities maintenance, the can deliver results to meet such rigorous standards by starting with a comprehensive evaluation of the customer’s facility to establish a framework that guarantees employee health and safety as well as the special care for sensitive electronic equipment. Simultaneously, the service provider must have the capabilities to maintain indoor air quality and mitigate any potential contaminants within the facility. Essentially, high-tech facilities require high efficiency partners with specialized services and capacity of cleaning and disinfecting these advanced sites in compliance with the expert guidelines and SOPs for this pandemic.

Alongside the advanced cleaning and maintenance services, enhanced frequency of environmental cleaning is also important to maintain uninterrupted operations while ensuring decontamination and disinfection of each surface to keep the employees safe from risk of exposure to the novel coronavirus and other pathogens or biohazards. Diversified Maintenance worked as an essential service provider throughout the peak of the pandemic and delivered improved solutions for mission-critical, IT environments with focus on all high-contact surfaces. The new protocols are also designed to help fight the spread of coronavirus with the use of approved chemicals and cleaning products. To learn more on the high-tech maintenance and cleaning solutions for high-risk and sensitive facilities, send me a note at