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Contributed by: Admin 2

Diversified Employee Impresses Georgia Secretary of State

Contributed by Marquis Harris

Last month one of our outstanding people received a little unexpected attention from a very important person! One of our newer employees on the team that cleans the Georgia Secretary of State’s office in Atlanta has been performing so well that she has the Secretary’s staff noticing. In fact, her work was so impressive that a representative for the Secretary contacted project manager Marquis Harris to express their appreciation:

Greetings, The purpose of this email is a follow up of the conversation we had on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 at 6:09 PM, concerning your employee Ms. Joyce who cleans the 8th Floor Secretary of State Office. I wanted to let you know that our office has never been this clean. I was working late, and I finally got the chance to meet her. I asked for her supervisor name because I wanted to let you know what a great job she is doing. Ms. Joyce didn’t know I was watching her, but I noticed how she took the time to wipe down the desks and sweep under the desks and then vacuum. I know she was hired to clean, but I really feel she goes beyond the call of duty. If you ever decide to move Ms. Joyce I believe you would get a flood of emails and protest!!!! I have asked some of the other employees to send an email letting you know how we appreciate the way Ms. Joyce cleans the 8th floor. Ms. Joyce represents your company very well!

Congratulations to all our outstanding team members who go out of their way every day to serve our customers!