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Commitment to Safety in Facilities Maintenance

Contributed by Dave Saeltzer 

In order to create a safe work environment, businesses must begin with a clear understanding that safety is everyone’s responsibility. Secondly, businesses should set clear safety goals and develop an effective system for safety, its accountability, and its management.

The facilities maintenance industry has its challenges when it comes to workplace safety, especially because it requires the use of various chemicals and equipment to perform the required duties. The possible hazards are not confined to the service provider’s employees only, but there is a high chance for the customers and their employees to be affected by the same safety risks. This is why these risks and hazards require a management system that defines what the hazards are, how they should be identified, methods of assessing the impact, and highlighting effective ways to eliminate or minimize them.

Speaking of how facilities maintenance companies manage safety, it is important that these service providers have a dedicated team responsible for safety inspections, training, and supervision to ensure that necessary safety measures are being implemented. Needless to say, facilities maintenance companies that stand out in the market are the ones that have an in-depth Environmental, Health and Safety Program to drive awareness and training at all levels.

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