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Choose a Facilities Maintenance Partner with High Level of Employee Enablement

Contributed by Darren Theodore, Regional Sales Executive

“Employee enablement is the strategic and systematic practice of giving employees whatever they need to do their job to the best of their ability.” – Josh Brown, Marketing Manager, Helpjuice

Every business expects their facilities maintenance service partner to deliver high quality standards consistently. In order to achieve these service quality expectations, facilities maintenance companies require a workforce that can deliver the most efficient services without compromise on quality. Although a sound employee training program plays a key role in keeping employees engaged in their day-to-day responsibilities, it is insufficient to maintain high productivity levels on its own. The most successful facilities maintenance programs are running by service providers that are willing to ensure their employees not only have the right training, but also the right tools, resources, and support to perform at a high level and stay on track with the program’s scope of work and objectives.

Some of the most impactful employee enablement measures by facilities maintenance service providers include:

Fostering an Enabling Work Environment

Employee enablement requires service providers to evaluate the resources and support the employees have at their disposal and understand what they do not have that would further boost their productivity. By providing every training material, work-specific tools and other resource they need to fulfill the tasks their job description entails, facilities maintenance companies can create an empowering environment for their employees.

Meticulously Planned Schedule 

The significance of assigning a well-planned wok schedule is often overlooked by service providers, missing out on the impact it has on employee engagement and productivity on a daily basis. By effectively controlling their workload through an appropriate work plan, facilities maintenance companies can help their personnel in increasing both, the quality and quantity of work. As a result, the daily schedules can create chain reactions of enhanced efficiency and streamlined processes.

Standardized Practices

The core functions for a facilities maintenance programs include daily cleaning and disinfecting tasks. In order to make it easy for the employees, facilities maintenance companies should standardize the daily work pattern so they can execute routine tasks without wasting time attempting to figure out what needs to be done or waiting for information or approval to proceed with their work. Well-outlined procedures and training programs can enable employees to perform their daily duties most effectively and efficiently, without any delays pertaining to the use of chemicals and equipment or resolving any safety concerns.

Diversified Maintenance understands that the employees will be more driven to work at their full potential when they feel valued and given support in fostering a productive environment. Learning and development programs, optimized workflows, standardized processes, resource allocation and follow-ups, and other measures that positively affect performance, engagement, and efficiency are all part of the Company’s employee enablement strategy. To learn more about the benefits of working with our motivated and productive team, send me a note at: Darren Theodore