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An Integrated Approach to Facilities Maintenance with Quality and Cost Benefits

Contributed by Cheryl Costello, National Sales Executive

Service delivery and quality for facilities maintenance services have a direct and immediate impact on the experience of the employees, customers, and other visitors at any business facility. The on-ground employees responsible for janitorial, sanitation, and maintenance functions are an invaluable resource, which is why a single-vendor approach for facilities maintenance is fundamental for achieving seamless performance across a wide range of functions and requirements.

Integrated facilities maintenance programs can drive remarkable customer value by successfully navigating the multiple areas of facilities maintenance requirements for their business. Service providers with the capacity to deliver integrated solutions also tend to deliver services with professional standards, quality assurance, transparency, and regulatory compliance.

Traditionally, a large number of businesses relied on the services of multiple facilities maintenance companies to meet various requirements, but re-entering the work world after the pandemic has made it important to reduce logistical and operational costs for all businesses. The decision to outsource most of the cleaning and maintenance requirements to a single service provider allows businesses to work with a dedicated team of specialists who can adhere to professional quality standards while maintaining the convenience of a single communication channel. Integrated facilities maintenance also leads to other key benefits such as:

  • Easy relationship management with outsourced partner
  • Efficient operations
  • Seamless staff management with lower turnover and absenteeism
  • Flexibility to proactively resolve upcoming issues and requirements
  • Useful data collection, evaluation, and report generation for continuous improvement

Diversified Maintenance delivers integrated facilities maintenance solutions to businesses of all types and sizes in various industries. The integrated service program is designed to provide high quality with cost efficiency while focusing on creating a team of skilled and cross-trained professionals for higher productivity. To learn more about the benefits and dynamics of integrated facilities maintenance for your business, send me a note at: Cheryl Costello