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Why is a Dedicated Transition Team Important for a New Facilities Maintenance Partner?

Contributed by Ed Turbeville, National Sales Executive

When any business opts to hire a new service provider for its facilities maintenance function or one that is considering to replace their existing service provider, the key concerns are the loss of time and money in the service transition phase. In most cases, however, businesses find themselves in circumstances that make it necessary to turn to a new facilities maintenance service provider; and so it becomes equally integral to find a partner that ensures seamless service transition.

An effective transition phase with any service provider entails a comprehensive transition plan that is initiated prior to the start-of-service for a new customer. Some janitorial companies believe that their team will be able to deliver required services without any prior planning and evaluation. On the contrary, experienced services providers of integrated solutions that stand out for their competitive edge are companies that dedicate at least 1 month to their transition plan before starting a new project.

Before start-of-service, the transition plan must include evaluation of both, scope of work and the customer facility by senior management. This should follow a structured framework to determine the most suitable integration of services and their frequency. Another important element of the transition phase is the service provider’s proactive selection, recruitment, and training processes. As these are essential steps because the quality of the hired on-ground staff directly impacts the quality of work and customer satisfaction, there should be no delay so the service provider is through with assigning the responsibilities at least 2 weeks prior to start-of-service.

As much as it is critical for a dedicated transition team to create and implement a plan beforehand, it is equally important that their role continues after start-of-service to ensure that service delivery aligns with the scope of work and customer expectations. Simultaneously, the transition team also remains relevant and integral for quality assurance by troubleshooting potential issues and concerns and implementing best practices.

Diversified Maintenance ensures a seamless new service transition phase with a dedicated team that begins with site evaluation at least 30 days before start-of-service. The transition phase is spread across several steps and actions that combine to deliver 4 important milestones. To learn more about the impact of working with our business deployment and transition team, send me a note at: Ed Turbeville