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Why Accountability Matters

Contributed by Dave Saeltzer

The Value & Impact of Positive Accountability

Accountability is not a one-time solution that a business can use if a situation demands it. Accountability is an ongoing process, a company-wide culture that fuels customer service success; and this applies to an even greater extent for businesses in the service industry.

Although service providers commonly incorporate accountability for most employees, they often miss out is the importance of modeling accountability by those in senior or managerial roles. Accountability starts at the top of an organization, and one of the best ways to instill accountability throughout an organization is for the leaders to hold themselves and each other accountable and to communicate that throughout the company. In leading by example, everyone in the organization will come to understand and believe that every employee – from top to bottom –  is accountable to everyone else in the company, to investors, and ultimately to the customer.

The best approach begins with positive accountability for performance and quality with the company’s managers. Positive accountability delivers higher standards of customer service and a better employee experience. A positive approach towards accountability builds employee alignment with the company’s strategies and mission while ensuring improved performance and employee involvement.

Accountability should not be defined as a penalty for mistakes. Accountability is not punitive. Rather, it should be a positive way for every employee to be fully involved in achieving the organization’s set goals and objectives. Accountability is effective when it is positive, and this approach makes it possible for businesses to boost employee morale.  Positive accountability does not highlight faults, failures, or mistakes. It basically works the other way round by appreciating when tasks are completed without error, analyzing how this was achieved, and what can be done to continue the same performance.

At Diversified Maintenance, all members are accountable for quality of service. This process is made more meaningful through positive accountability which is based on the principle of applauding employee achievements and moving forward in the right direction. To learn more, send me a note at