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The Value of Professional Janitorial Services Regardless of Office Occupancy

Contributed by Darren Theodore, Regional Sales Executive

Numerous businesses partner with professional janitorial service providers for their cleaning and disinfecting requirements. Apart from achieving their objectives of maintaining a clean workplace, the service providers also deliver a host of other benefits such as the convenience of not having to train and supervise in-house staff, increased employee productivity and efficiency, healthier work environment, long-term cost efficiency, to name a few. While these benefits are widely regarded as critical for day-to-day operational continuity with offices functioning at full capacity on appreciated and are valued by businesses across various industries, it is equally important to understand that janitorial functions must also continue during periods of low office occupancy and even shutdown.

Despite returning to normalcy in different aspects of work and lives, the new variants of the coronavirus continue to hold an impact in some ways. As a result, office occupancy is low when employers choose a work-from-home or a hybrid model for their staff. As the businesses are adapting to new and evolving situation to keep their employees working safely, the cleaning and maintenance protocols should also be redesigned accordingly. By continuing the basic janitorial functions during limited office occupancy, professional service providers ensure that all shared spaces and surfaces remain clean and disinfected adequately. In order to avoid unnecessary expense, the frequency of protocols is also assessed and maintained at adequate levels. Additionally, janitorial and maintenance services also include essential cleaning functions including floors, air ducts, carpet, upholstery to ensure that employees can return to a safe and healthy work environment.

Diversified Maintenance continues to play its significant role for office cleaning and maintenance as it did during the early phases of the pandemic. Not only are these services considered essential for employee health and safety during regular work days, they are also valuable for ensuring offices remain well-maintained during low occupancy periods. To learn more about designing a tailored janitorial and maintenance program that can be modified as your business navigates different work-from-home, hybrid, and return-to-office strategies, send me a note at: Darren Theodore