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The Significance of First Impressions: Professional Cleaning and Facilities Maintenance Solutions for Banks

Contributed by John Giddings, Client Relations Executive

Customers walking through the door at a bank always expect a seamless experience, not only in terms of banking services but also with the space and environment being fresh, clean, and well-maintained. Based on the sensitive and confidential nature of financial services, gaining and building trust are the most critical components of customer relations for banks. Although the quality and consistency of customer service standards drive customer experience, it is also important to recognize the immense value of a well-maintained building in creating a lasting first impression. While it has always been important for banks to maintain an aesthetically pleasing and thoroughly clean atmosphere, the recent coronavirus pandemic has also made it necessary to maintain a disinfected and safe facility for employees and customers.

Despite the outbreak risks and its related challenges, it has become necessary for banks to resume physical operations. However, successful re-opening with the plan to continue uninterrupted operations require major changes in the pre-pandemic cleaning practices and schedule. The initial significance of cleaning and maintenance services for banks has increased manifold since the pandemic due to the impact a deep cleaned space has on health and safety. With several high-touch points throughout the facility, some of the most important aspects of a comprehensive facilities maintenance program include deep cleaning and disinfecting practices for:

Doors, Windows, Floors

Lobby, Waiting Area, Break Rooms

Teller Stations and ATMs

Countertops Used for Writing or Signatures

Furniture, Cubicles, and Desks

Equipment, Computers, Phones, etc.


And More

Professional facilities maintenance service providers have the experience and expertise to fully understand the unique and rigorous requirements of a bank necessary to ensure employee and customer health and safety, improve customer satisfaction, instill trust and confidence, attract more business, and maintain a safe and attractive environment.

Diversified Maintenance is working closely with all its bank partners to create an environment that is free from germs and possible health risks caused by exposure to the coronavirus and other pathogens and biohazards. With a proactive approach during the pandemic, the Diversified teams continue to deliver enhanced cleaning and disinfecting services tailored to meet the new requirements for the safety of bank employees and customers. To learn more about the redesigned protocols send me a note at: John Giddings at