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The Importance of Seeing the Big Picture for Your Facility Maintenance Requirements

An Integrated Facility Maintenance Program is an Opportunity for Improvement

Contributed by Garrett Goralski, Regional Sales Executive

There are innumerable factors that play their part in the operational success of every business. Although the quality of the workforce and procedures linked to the core product or service create the greatest impact, there are several back-end and non-core functions that can also be critical for the overall success of a business. Among these contributing factors are the facility maintenance tasks that ensure the interior and exterior of a business premises appear spotless, the rooms and surfaces are cleaned and disinfected, among other services.

Outsourcing the facility maintenance function to a professional service provider is not only a common approach, but it also enables businesses to focus on their most critical and core responsibilities without worrying about seemingly mundane but important tasks such as cleaning and maintenance. Having said that, some businesses allocate different sets of cleaning and maintenance tasks to multiple service providers, mostly due to the misconception that each program will incorporate fewer details and may be easier to manage separately. While fewer details seem more manageable, this approach ignores the big picture. Managing multiple vendors for facility maintenance functions often leads to getting lost in the details of multiple contracts. On the other hand, an integrated facility maintenance program with a single service provider is easier and also reduces the time, effort, and cost of monitoring the performance. Similarly, integrated solutions with a single partner also provide benefits including:

  • Streamlined operations and work order management
  • Seamless management of unexpected issues such as employee absenteeism
  • Proactive resolution of upcoming issues and requirements
  • Insightful data collection, analysis, and report generation
  • Easy communications

Diversified Maintenance provides a wide range of services that create an effective and comprehensive integrated facility maintenance programs to meet the unique requirements of businesses in various industries. As a holistic approach for all cleaning, disinfecting, and maintenance requirements, an integrated facility maintenance program by a single-source partnership is designed to deliver high quality standards with cost-efficiency while focusing on creating a team of skilled and trained experts for higher productivity. To learn more about the dynamics of a comprehensive program with integrated facility maintenance services, send me a note at: Garrett Goralski