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Importance of Competency in Outsourced Facility Maintenance Services for Financial Institutions  

Contributed by Sheryl Perlstein


“According to a variety of studies conducted in the US, consumers have identified competency as the element that plays one of the biggest role in a good customer experience. To be competent, a customer support professional must have a strong knowledge of the company and its products, as well as the power to fix the customer’s problems.” – HelpScout (Customer Support Platform)


The reliability and utility of outsourced facility maintenance services for financial institutions relies heavily on the service provider’s levels of competency. Provider competence is driven by the knowledge and skill possessed by the workforce and how effectively they deliver the services to the standard needed to achieve its expected results. As the cleaning and maintenance standards at financial institutions impact the impression made on their customers, it is crucial for their facility maintenance service partner to train the employees to competently deliver services along with a quick problem-solving approach. Proactive outlook on the field makes it possible for the facility maintenance staff to perform well under pressure during unforeseen situations, but doing so necessitates an extensive employee training program by a dedicated training and development team.

Considering the fast-paced dynamics of the financial services sector, the facility maintenance service partner should operate within the same customer service culture that is to understand expectations, go the extra mile, and consistently deliver extraordinary service. In order to meet these high-performance demands, new employees must begin training sessions prior to the start-of-service. Orientation is important for providing employees with precise and accurate information about their job requirements along with the necessary confidence to begin their work and deliver productive outcomes. Similarly, facility maintenance service providers create a training team that is confident in its domain and ensures performance-based results in the on-ground employees. Continuous on-the-job training initiatives for facility maintenance staff at financial institutions is incredibly important in today’s competitive environment. On-the-job training offers more practical skills and knowledge required to meet customer requirements. It includes customer-specific learning for on-ground employees while providing other benefits including job satisfaction, low turnover, and cost efficiency.

Diversified Maintenance works with a dedicated team to build a trained workforce that is motivated, focused, informed, and empowered to take up their job roles. The competence of the on-ground staff is positively impacted by orientation training and career development training that the Company offers while enabling the team to grow professionally through ongoing job training and safety training. To learn more about the benefits of a facility maintenance service partner with industry-specific competence for financial institutions, send me a note at Sheryl Perlstein