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Safe & Cost-Effective Cleaning: Why Financial Institutions Require Outsourced Cleaning and Facilities Maintenance Services

Business continuity and customer retention for banks and financial institutions not only rely greatly on their core operations but backend support functions also play on maintaining a clean, aesthetically pleasant, and pristine environment. These organizations have always required the services of highly skilled and exceptionally professional facilities maintenance service providers to ensure that the cleaning standards and appearance uphold their brand image. Additionally, it has become crucial for all financial institutions to ensure maintaining a safe and disinfected facility to combat the pandemic-related risks and threats. As a result, outsourcing the facilities maintenance function can appear to be costly overhead expense for most banks and financial institutions.

In order to maintain operational productivity in a clean and healthy environment with specialized cleaning services, financial institutions require an experienced service provider with advanced capabilities to deliver high quality services with cost savings in the long run. An effective facilities maintenance partner should also be able to provide social proof which is the company’s market reputation and loyal customer base that highlight it is a good partner to work with. However, the cost related concerns can be addressed with the following service features and capacity:

Integrated Services – Integrated services program drives extraordinary customer value as it caters to diverse areas of facilities maintenance requirements with cost efficiency.

Multiple Locations – A successful facilities maintenance program is based not only based on the scope of services and quality, but also depends on the company’s ability to deliver across-the-board expertise for all locations integrated under one contract.

Single-Partner Management – A single-vendor approach for facilities maintenance plays an important role in achieving seamless performance across a wide range of operations and functions.

Diversified Maintenance has the experience of operating seamlessly as a central facility maintenance partner for banks and financial institutions. The effective services in accordance to the new requirements mitigate exposure to harmful germs and viruses in a confined space, and subsequently reduce employee absenteeism, improve productivity and performance, and enhance employee satisfaction. To learn more about tailored programs with integrated services for financial institutions, send me a note at: Garrett Goralski